Why does moon appear white and sun yellow?

We see various things on earth that are of different colors. We see these colors due to the presence of photoreceptors, known as the cone in the retina of our eyes. The light that enters our atmosphere strikes each object present on earth and reflects back, more or less to our eyes. These lights have different wavelengths which determine what color we will see. moon


Our vision is not only limited to the objects on earth. We can also see heavenly bodies that are very far away from us in the space. Moon and Sun are such two heavenly bodies which can be seen from the earth. Both of these planets are visible to our eyes in different colors, where the moon appears to be white and the sun appears to be yellow. However, the color of moon and sun, which we see from the earth’s surface, is not the actual color of these planets.

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The color of the sun-

The sun comprises of several gases such as hydrogen, helium and many more. Over its surface, continuous nuclear fusion reactions take place when hydrogen atoms are compressed to create helium. This process releases a large amount of energy in the space. This energy travels in the form of light and when it hits earth’s atmosphere, the wavelength of the light changes from a higher frequency to lower frequency. This makes the appearance of sunlight yellow. Our atmosphere contains many particles which make it act as a glass prism, thus when light travels through it we see the blue color sky and yellow color of the sun.

The color of moon-

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