What is mechanical governor? Explain its working.

A Governor is a mechanical device used to govern the speed of machines like engines. From small engines to tractors to standby power systems even your automobiles are enabled with governors to regulate their speed. It allows the engine to run at the speed you select, without any effect of changing the load.

With the continuous change of load, the configuration of governor varies that helps to control the supply of fuel required by the engine. In simple words, Mechanical Governor is a speed control device, with suspended masses that respond to the changing speed with the help of inertia.

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mechanical governor

There are basically two types of governors namely Centrifugal Governor an Inertia Governor. Inertia Governors are more sensitive than Centrifugal Governor but on the other hand, it’s very difficult in Inertia Governor to balance the revolving parts. Due to this reason Centrifugal Governors are used more than Inertia Governors.

Mechanical Governor (Centrifugal Governor)-


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