How to Make a Simple Solar Cell? Working of Photo-Voltaic Cells

5. Now remove the tapes holding the plates together.

6. Put the conductive surface facing up on the hot plate and bake the titanium dioxide properly.

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7. Take out the shallow dish and fill it with dye, now dip the plates with titanium dioxide in to this dye for 10 mins.

8. We now have to clean the other plate with ethyl alcohol and let the titanium dioxide plate soak in the dye meanwhile. Check the conductivity of the surface of this panel after cleaning with alcohol. Clearly, mark the side that is not conducting electric current as positive. Please apply graphite lubricant over the conductive side and cover the entire surface carefully.

9. Remove the plate that is coated with titanium dioxide out of the dye. Clean it properly with deionized water then with ethyl alcohol.  Carefully clean the alcohol on the plate with a clean tissue.

10. Carefully assemble the two plates together such that the coatings touch each other with the plates slightly offset. Use the binder clips to hold the plates together.

11. Now apply some drops of iodide solution to the coating which will be exposed to sunlight. Let the coatings be soaked in the solution completely. Here the iodide solution will help the electrons flow from the titanium dioxide coated plate to the carbon-coated plate when exposed to Sunlight/EM radiation. 

12. Fix the alligator clips on the ends and your solar cell is ready to work.

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