How to Make a Simple Solar Cell? Working of Photo-Voltaic Cells

A solar cell is an apparatus that produces electric energy either by chemical interactions or by converting light to electric energy when subjected to sunlight. For the sake of sticking to the topic, we will only be focusing on a simple solar cell. It will make our readers more informed about the science behind the solar cells. 

solar cell

A solar cell is a photovoltaic cell which produces an electric current as soon as its surface is exposed to sunlight. In this article, we have referred to sunlight as electromagnetic radiation for the sake of better understanding. In solar panels/ cells, the actual quantity of electrical power generated by the cells is dependent upon the intensity of em radiation that reaches the surface of the solar cell.

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Point to be noted here is that solar cells convert em radiation to DC current. Thus we could say that a solar cell is a semiconductor junction device that converts electromagnetic radiation reaching us through the sun to electrical power. As previously mentioned the electricity generated is DC.

Operating Principle of the Solar Cell:

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