What is lubrication system? Types of lubrication systems.

2. Wet-sump lubrication system:

This system consists of a large storing capacity of oil at base of the crank chamber. From the sump the oil is drawn by the pump and applied to various parts of the engine. Excess oil after serving the purpose will gradually return to the sump.
There are three varieties in wet-sump lubrication system. They are:
1. Splash lubrication system
2. Splash and pressure system and
3. Pressurized lubrication system

lubrication system

2.1 Splash Lubrication System:

In splash lubrication, oil is applied to the cylinders and pistons by rotating dippers on the connecting-rod bearing caps. Each time they rotate, the dippers pass through an oil-filled trough. After running through the oil trough, the dippers splash oil onto the cylinders and pistons to lubricate them.

While splash lubrication is effective for smaller engines and pumps, it’s not a precise process. Parts of the pump may be insufficiently oiled or oiled too much. The amount of oil in the trough is vital for proper operation. If there is not enough oil, wear between critical components may occur, and too much oil will cause excessive lubrication, which can lead to hydraulic lock. The type of oil used and its viscosity is also important in a splash lube system. The oil must be thick enough to provide sufficient lubrication and cling to the dippers, but not so viscous that it heats up as it is churned about in the oil trough. Oil purity is also critical; oil should be filtered regularly and replenished when necessary.

2.2 Splash and pressure lubrication system:


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