Why Do Liquid-Carrying Trucks Have Cylindrical Shaped Tankers?

You would have often seen oil or water tankers in your city & surroundings and wondered why they are in such cylindrical shape? Why these tankers only have a cylindrical shape but not cubical or some ideal box based shape?

A vehicle that is designed to carry liquefied loads like water, highly pressurized gases or oil is called a ‘tank truck’. There are many types of tank trucks in terms of their size, insulation, pressure holding capacity and type of liquid that is transported in them. There are many benefits of a tank truck having such a cylindrical shape. The reasons are listed below:


  • Greater Stability

A transport vehicle carrying liquids like liquefied flammable gases and oils needs utmost stability to transport them safely because the liquid has a property of agility. For the commute to happen successfully, the correct shape of tanker matters a lot.

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The shape of tanker should have a low center of gravity and this can be attained only through a cylindrical-shaped tanker. The rectangular or square shaped tankers have comparatively a high center of gravity, which risks the vehicle’s stability.

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