Lathe machine: Main Parts, Operation and Working

6. Lead screw

Lead screw is situated at the bottom side of bed which is used to move the carriage automatically during thread cutting.

7. Legs

Legs are used to carry all the loads of the machine. They are bolted on the floor which prevents vibration.

8. Carriage

It is situated between the head stock and tail stock. It is used to hold and move the tool post on the bed vertically and horizontally. It slides on the guide ways. Carriage is made by cast iron.

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9. Apron

It is situated on the carriage. It consist all controlling and moving mechanism of carriage.

10. Chips pan

Chips pan is placed lower side of bed. The main function of it to carries all chips removed by the work piece.

11. Guide ways

Guide ways take care of movement of tail stock and carriage on bed.

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12. Speed controller

Speed controller switch is situated on head stock which controls the speed of spindle.

13. Spindle

It is the main part of lathe which holds and rotates the chuck.

Lathe Machine Operation & Working:


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