Is water good as a fuel? How water Fuel Car Works? Why we are not using this technology yet

Water, We heard about water fuel car in the newspaper, magazine, television, and website. It was a popular topic in 2012. But if water can be used as fuel then why we are not using it till now. What are the boundations of using water as a fuel? How water car works

What is Water-Fuelled Car?

It is a car that uses water as its source of energy, these vehicles produce fuel from water with no other input. This concept was made popular by Pakistani Scientist in 2012 His name is Ahmed but this research was researched before by Charles H. Garrett on car September 8, 1935. He given the model of car that worked for several minutes He claimed that we can use water to run car without any other source of input.

Is water is itself a Fuel?

No, Water is not a Fuel, Hydrogen is a very good source of fuel. This car separates oxygen and hydrogen from Water (HHO) by an electrolysis process. Thus water is used as fuel. Water itself is highly stable—it was one of the classical elements and contains very strong chemical bonds. So we need external energy to break the bond that separates hydrogen and oxygen.

What is the principle behind the Water Fuel Car?

The principle behind the water fuel car is the Law of Thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created or destroyed in an entropy, We need an external force. According to the currently accepted laws of physics, no chemical energy can be formed by water because it is a highly stable compound, which maintains a highly stable chemical bond. Its enthalpy of formation is negative (-68.3 kcal/mole -285.8 kJ/mol),

As we see it has a strong covalent bond by sharing electrons in its outer shell to maintain stability. If we want to change a compound stable to unstable we need external energy. This energy separates water into its elements, and there are no other compounds of hydrogen and oxygen with more negative enthalpies of formation, meaning that no energy can be released in this manner either.

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How does Water Fuel Car work?

As we know water itself is no source of energy it only depends on the separation of Hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis process, and then recombine them to release energy. In that case, we need as strong energy to break the bonds as it releases back when they recombine. We can not get all of the energy because some energy lost because no compound is ideal. Releasing chemical energy from water, in excess or in equal proportion to the energy required to facilitate such production, would, therefore, violate the first or second law of thermodynamics.

How Fuel Cell Work?

It is made up of 2 electrodes, 2 plates and two thin layers of platinum-based catalyst separated by a thin layer of the plastic membrane which acts electronically to create fuel. Hydrogen from storage and oxygen from air is taken and fed to channels. Hydrogen flows from one side of membrane and air on the other. the catalyst splits into protons and electrons, Protons can pass through membrane and electrons could not and have to passes through an external circuit to create useful electricity.

On the oxygen side of membrane protons and electrons react to the oxygen taken from the air in presence of the second catalyst generally water and heat. While stacking a single sell, You make a fuel stack to produce a required amount of power that runs your car for long.

Why we are not using Water as fuel yet?

Because it takes more energy to make hydrogen in the fuel cell  You see, it takes a lot of energy (and energy = money) to turn water into hydrogen and oxygen and this is not sustainable at all. The cost is basically what keeps people from doing this. We are already getting a lot of cheap hydrogen from methane, which we can produce from biological sources already! But we are doing this even cheaper by manufacturing methane from fossil fuels and fossil fuels are not going to run out anytime soon! Hydrogen is also very difficult to store. It might take a couple of more decades for us to be a hydrogen based economy.

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