I phone will start manufacturing in India on January 24 at Sriperumbudur

Apple the most influential phone company across the world now manufacture its iPhone in India. But why he choose India, Well we know about the Trade war between China- U.S and the friendship relation between India and U.S.

In 2019, Apple smartphones will start manufacturing at Sriperumbudur which is a town in a state of Tamil Nadu located 40 kilometers southwest of the Capital City of Chennai. The phone is assembled from Foxconn plant to Sriperumbudur. The process already starts in India, this will  first-time manufacture in India. The total expansion in the production lines is 1000 crore.

What are the pros of making iPhone in India?

  • The implantation of this new plant  will provide a vast amount of jobs in India which is approximately 25000
  • Cost of I phone will reduce in India because of the transportation effects, now you can get your dream phone with less amount.
  • The friendship between India and the US will get stronger.

Reporters said that the deal will be announced on January 24. When the state will reveal new investments in Tamil Nadu during the second Global Investors Meet scheduled in January 2019.

Nokia announced the closure of its large unit in Sriperumdur, This unit was left to sell to  Microsoft. Foxconn is also the manufacturer of Mi phone and other smartphones. It is the largest electronics maker in the world. It has many factories around the globe. Foxconn is currently looking into opening a production base in Vietnam in preparation for the impacts of the trade war.

iPhone like 6S and SE already assembled in India but through another manufacturing firm. This latest development with Foxconn could be a move by Apple to expand its mobile share in India, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market.

Foxconn will spend $365 million, this is great news for the Indians with respect to the job and also they get iPhone at affordable prices.

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