What is Hydraulic Hammer and how does it work?

The Hydraulic hammer is a construction equipment that is used for the demolition of a structure and breaking rocks into smaller sizes. It is an attachment on an excavator and works on the principle of hydraulics. It applies high pressure from its small canister which has pressurized hydraulic oil stored in it.  They are much more powerful than other hand-held hammers and its force is varied based on the force of piston strokes and its size.

hydraulic hammer

The hydraulic hammer is of two types namely – inner valve type and outer valve type. Both types have mostly same components, such as a cylinder which is the most important part of the hydraulic system. A piston is also present in both types of a hydraulic hammer which converts kinetic energy into hammering energy and a front head is featured to support the machine, and one back head which contains the nitrogen gas.

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hydraulic hammer

Most applications for hydraulic hammers are for mining, rock breaking, concrete breaking and demolition. Many are designed as attachments to mobile equipment such as backhoes and diggers.

Working of a Hydraulic Hammer-

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