How our smartphone gets charge in few minutes by fast charger?

We all use smartphones and at present, the size of the battery becoming big because of our whole day utilisation of phone with so many applications that consume battery. We want this big battery should be charged in a few minutes, So we use smart fast chargers that charge our phone with less than half time with the conventional charger. This technology adapted by many smartphones like Samsung one plus i phone.

Before knowing how a smart charger works let us a have a view about how our conventional charger works?

Every smartphone consists with a battery, and every battery delivers power in more or less the same way.

In it, Cells consisting of two electrodes (that is negative and positive) and an electrolyte catalyze reactions that can change compounds into new substances. With time ions in atoms with too many electrons — form in the electrodes, driving a flow of electrons to the battery’s negative outer terminal and providing your phone with an electric charge. In nonrechargable batteries, those chemical reactions occur only once. But in our smartphones that has lithium-ion batteries can be rechargeable, the reactions are reversible. When the battery discharges, the chemical reaction produces electricity, and when the battery recharges, the chemical reactions absorb power.

Conventional charging also depends on the USB port which we will discuss in our next section. USB port sends electrons in a way that the batteries do not get overloaded.  Our phone includes a built-in regulator to prevent giving too much power into the battery and frying it. So, how fast your phone can charge is limited by what its internal regulators allow.

Now how a fast charging works?

When you’re using a fast charger, It is like opening the door a little wider to let more power in. As we discussed earlier, the regulator inside your phone only allows so much power in at a time. Fast Charging devices allow more than your typical chargers, without damaging the battery. So, while an older device might only support a 5 volt, 1 amp charger, Quick Charge devices can use a 9 volt, 2 amp charger.

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Now, for the fast charging, you need two things. First, you have a device that supports quick chargers in order to take advantage of the fast charging. If you plug a quick charger into an older device, the regulator will still prevent it from overloading your battery. You won’t harm your device, but it won’t charge any faster.

That means you may need to buy that special charger to go with your supported device. More likely than not, all the chargers you’ve been using aren’t Quick Charge compatible, so getting the higher output charger will help. But one more thing of concern is the same problem we discussed earlier with USB ports. Just because you’re not using the full capacity of your phone’s battery regulator doesn’t mean your phone won’t charge. It will only take a longer time to charge.

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