How Hydrogen is used as a fuel? Can it replace our hydrocarbon fuel

As we know the combustion of petrol increases drastically due to which we are facing greenhouse effect, pollution in the air etc. Petroleum which is also known as hydrocarbon is made up of carbon chain which combines with other substances in the air and makes our air polluted. All this is because of carbon components in the air which is carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc. . It is also a non-renewable source of energy. Due to all these problems, researchers are finding another way of fulfilling our necessities in terms of fuel

University of Michigan first time introduces hydrogen that can become the ultimate source of fuel and it can also release our economy from the negative effects of hydrocarbon fuels. Hydrogen is considered as pollution less and good source of energy in our vehicles because it releases hydrogen in the air which reacts with oxygen and this reaction will only result in water.

What is Hydrogen Vehicle?

A vehicle that uses hydrogen as its fuel for its mechanical power. By burning of hydrogen in its internal combustion engine this vehicle can convert the chemical energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy. This chemical reaction is a reaction of oxygen with hydrogen in a fuel cell to run its electric motors.

Although its efficiency is also greater than hydrocarbon fuels because the density of hydrogen is high in weight and low in volume which makes it 3 times more effective as a fuel. It gives 10 per cent more efficient than hydrocarbon oil as figured by the combustion engine. It becomes 2 to 3 times efficient when combining with electric fuel cells.

Challenges for making the hydrogen gas stores available worldwide?

Hydrogen is an abundant source of gas present in the earth but it is sealed up with other quantities like water, hydrochloride, hydrogen sulphide. It is not present single on the earth because it has an atomic number 1. It has one electron and only requires 1 more to form a strong covalent bond. So our main problem of extracting hydrogen in these compounds.

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Advantages of Using Hydrogen gas as a source of fuel

  1. Reduction in Pollution  – Hydrogen is a non-toxic agent. When hydrogen is used as a source of mechanical power in vehicles, it does not harm us because the byproduct we get is only water. It combines with the atmosphere components which does not become toxic to us.
  2. Effect on Greenhouse gas  – The reason behind green house effect is the emission of gases in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels. These gases are Methane, Ozone, Carbonsulphide etc. If vehicles run with this reaction then hydrogen comes from the electrolysis of water. There is no reason of greenhouse effect. In fact this gives us a good result because electrolysis generates hydrogen from water and this hydrogen recombines with oxygen to create water. Again we get a power in fuel cell.
  3. Free from economic dependence for fuel – As the hydrocarbon is non renewable source of energy and we become more and more dependent on it. If we take this technology then we will not depend on other countries.


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