How Hydrogen Car Works ? Can it match speed of our petroleum cars

Hydrogen Cars a well-known fuel car in the recent market. Do you know how its fuel cells work? Why is it different from our car conventional car.

The concept of charging a modern car is basically via fuel or electricity. Charging a car by electricity does not get much attention due to the charging of batteries. We rely on petroleum-based cars because there are petroleum stations everywhere around us. So we do not have a fear of low energy in our car. The most recent concept of charging a car nowadays is via Hydrogen. This concept is better than Electric Cars because it has both the engine and batteries inside it to give a durable amount of energy for a long drive of a car

What is Hydrogen Car?

A car that utilizes hydrogen as its fuel is known a Hydrogen Car. This car has both the concept of Electric batteries and Combustion Engine that gives it the power to suit both the driving conditions.

Why Hydrogen Cars is better than Electric Cars?

In battery cars, electricity is stored in lithium-ion batteries. They have s long refuelling time which cannot be acceptable. They also suffer from a limited driving range. On the other hand, Hydrogen Car produces electricity by a chemical process that carries inside its fuel cells, they don’t need an external source to charge its batteries. Like a petroleum vehicle, they can be refuelled in 2 minutes. It also has a better speed pick up than battery cars.

How does these Hydrogen Cells work?

These fuel cells fit between a combustion engine and battery power of the Car. As all the combustion engine needs fuel, so it also takes energy in a way of fuel from the fuel tank. This fuel is injected by the Hydrogen Gas station. This combustion engine does not burn hydrogen, it only reacts with oxygen from the air to make water. In this process, electricity is released which drives the vehicle. This process is repeated until the hydrogen remaining in the fuel tank.

Inside a Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

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As we know for Hydrogen cells to work we need hydrogen by a source. This hydrogen is stored and compressed and made us available by a fuel tank. Hydrogen is fed into a “stack” of fuel cells which consist of an anode (-) and cathode (+), separated by an electrolyte. This hydrogen is given to the anode on the other hand cathode is exposed to air. Electric current is created by the electrons released by the hydrogen anode that travel towards to cathode to complete this process. Again these Hydrogen ions take a path to a cathode via anode route. Here they again gain electrons and again combine with oxygen to become water molecules. Thus this process is repeated.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Infographic

This Hydrogen based car is now available in the market. So you must know how it works before purchasing it and also you should know about the availability of Hydrogen gas fuel stations.

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