How crackers form different designs? How they Burst at different time? What are green crackers

For us Festival means lights, sound, and colors whether it is a New Year or Diwali, we love to burn crackers. But do you know how they give colors and how they form different patterns?

What are Green Crackers?

Crackers which creates less smoke and emit fewer carbon pollutants. It is introduced by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). In it, dust can also absorb by a formulation of a situ-water molecule. There is no cracker in the world that will have zero emission. It does not exist. It can only reduce the emission of pollutants up to 40 percent.

How firework give different colors?
We all love Crackers due to its colors. These colors are given by using a different type of Metal salt.
  •  Strontium carbonate (red fireworks)
  • Calcium chloride (orange fireworks)
  • Sodium nitrate (yellow fireworks)
  • Barium chloride (green fireworks)
  • Copper chloride (blue fireworks)
  • A mixture of strontium (red) and copper (blue) compounds (purple fireworks)
  • Orange color – calcium salts; gold- incandescence of iron (with carbon),
  • Silver color is formed by burning aluminum, titanium, or magnesium powder or flakes.
In green crackers, these compounds are replaced by the chemicals with zeolite, which will drastically reduce nitrogen and sulfur emissions in the air.

What is inside of a Cracker, and  How it Works?

  • It consists of a shell of plastic, heavy paper surrounding compartments separated by cardboard.
  • At the base of the shell contains black powder to propel the firework into the sky from a mortar made of iron, aluminum, plastic, or heavy cardboard.
  • Above it contains chunks of a mixture of chemicals that produce light and color when heated. These chunks are known as stars.
  • These stars are mixed with black powder inside a cylindrical compartment and also in place of black powder and stars, it contains a flash powder that produces bright light and loud sound.
  • All parts of firework are attached to fuses made of threads mixed with gunpowder.

How that explode at a different time and with a different design?

Crackers are made up with different salt that is used to make different colors. The heating time for each component is different, and they explode in different wavelength and thus during fireworks it is producing different colors at different interval of time.


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