What is horizontal drilling and how does it work?

The horizontal drilling or the directional drilling is quite easy to understand. This technology came to implementation around in the 1920’s and is advancing till date. In earlier times only single directional drilling was possible.  In the contrast, horizontal drilling allows the miners in the oil and gas industry to drill at a wide range of angels. This enables the miners to dig a well thousands of foot down the earth as well as you achieve the accuracy of  90 degrees of angle from the vertical position.

horizontal drilling

What is horizontal drilling?

Horizontal drilling is simply a drilling process which allows you to drill at different angles. It works with a bend near the bit with the help of steerable mud motor. This process increases the total productivity in the extraction of oils and gases than vertical drilling.

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It enables the miners to drill thousands of foot below the earth’s crust. It is responsible for the consistent increase in the ease and efficiency in the mining industry.

With the implementation of horizontal drilling now there is no need of extra digging of wells. On having two or three sites from horizontal drilling may have the potential to equate its productivity with twenty vertical wells. Such drilling reduces the health impacts on the peoples residing nearby. Implementation of horizontal drilling is benefiting in productivity and creating a safer mining atmosphere.

Working of the Horizontal Drilling-

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