Hammers And Classification Of Hammers

Hammers are an essential tool for every craftsman. It is used for creating a sudden force impact on an object or for removing embedded objects like nails and other things. A hammer is a multi-utility tool and has very diverse functionality. No tool kit is complete without having at least a hammer in it. It is a hand tool used to blow an object. Usually, it is used for driving nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects. Hammers vary in shape, size, and structure, depending on their purposes.

There are as many types of hammers out there as there are its uses. Here is the list of some of the most commonly used hammers professionally and otherwise.

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Brick Hammer:

A brick hammer is a special type of hammer for breaking bricks into two. It has a chisel point on one side and a regular hammer head on the other. A great utility tool those who work with bricks.


Curved Claw Hammer:

A curved claw hammer is the most common hammer that is ever made. Almost every home has one. It has a curved fork type structure at one end that is used for pulling functions and the other end is used for beating or smashing purpose.


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Body Mechanic Hammer:

This type of hammer is used by professionals engaged in denting and painting of automobiles. It has a disc-like appendage at one end and a pointed appendage at one end. It is usually used to remove dents from the vehicles and is most commonly found in body shops.


Ball Peen Hammer:

Used by those who are in the profession of working with metals, this type of hammer has a flat one side and a ball like shape on the other end. Typically used for hammering and shaping rivets, a proper professional would have a kit of ball peen hammers of different sizes in his kit.


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