What is Gear Pump and how does it work?

The gear pump is one of the most important pumps . These types of pumps have gears in it which have the ability to provide pressure energy to the fluid in the pumps.

In simple words, we can say that the gear pumps transfer the fluids from one part to another using gear mechanism. If the pressure of the system remains same then they will provide you with the fix flow rate also. So let’s discuss Gear pumps below.

So, What is a Gear Pump?

Gear Pump

The Gear Pumps are basically positive displacement rotary pumps which helps you to transfer liquid or fluid by using its gears. It has more than two internal gears which create vacuum pressure to push the fluid in the pump.

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The Gear pumps are the high-pressure pumps which come in small sizes to provide a pulseless as well as stable fluid flows as compared to other pumps like peristaltic and diaphragm pumps. There are many other advantages of the Gear pumps which are better than other pumps like it is a self-priming pump, can pump high viscosity fluids, user-friendly pump as it is easy to operate and to maintain as well.

Gear Pump

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Working of a Gear Pump:

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