Fully Automatic Water Level Controller using SRF04

The OPTION_REG is a register that is 8-bit whose 5th bit (T0CS) selects the desired timer. Programming the bit selects counter operation whereas clearing it selects timer operation. TMR0 could be the timer register, whereas INTCON could be the register that is interrupt register with a 5th bit (T0IE) denoting the timer flag, in other words, it sets as soon as the Timer overflows.

Motor Driver L293:

Water level controller

This is a 16 pin, H-bridge based DC motor driver IC. It offers the ability to drive two motors that too in both directions. It is comprised of two enable pins Pin1 and 9 which once set to HIGH, brings on the IC operation. It basically will act as an interface between your microcontroller as well as the  DC motor. It is composed of four input pins – two for every H-bridge circuit.

DC Motor:
It can be any of your regular DC motors available in the market which suits your operational requirements.

Working of the system:

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