Fully Automatic Water Level Controller using SRF04

Checking and controlling the level of water in water tanks is the most critical and important operation in commercial and residential water management. Most of the time, particularly in residential setups, because of inaccessibility of overhead tanks, it is observed that water is overflowing from the tanks as there is no monitoring system available. This problem can be eradicated by using this fully automatic water level controller.

The solution for the above issue is to have a programmed system to monitor and control the level of water. While there are numerous strategies for utilizing distance sensors, utilizing current probes, utilizing ultrasonic range meter and so on, here we will focus on utilizing an ultrasonic sensor for creating an automated water level controller for this issue.

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Water Level Controller system overview:

Water level controller

This water level controller contains an ultrasonic ranging sensor put on top of the tank. Once triggered, it sends out an ultrasonic signal. Water present in the tank will reflect-off the ultrasound.  The sensor would receive this signal and act accordingly. A microcontroller in the water level controller is used to trigger the signal to the microprocessor and a beam of ultrasound is received. Once the sensor receives an echo then it knows exactly the level of water that is there in the tank. It must be noted that the sensor here is placed at the top of the tank.

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