What Is Fuel Injector ? Its Types And Its Working

“ Fuel injector is an electronically controlled mechanical device that is responsible for spraying (injecting) the right amount of fuel into the engine so that a suitable air/fuel mixture is created for optimal combustion.”

The technology was created in the early 20th century and implemented on diesel engines first. By the final third of the 20th century, it had also become popular among regular gasoline engines.

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The electronic control unit (ECU at engine management system) determines the precise amount and specific timing of required gasoline (petrol) dose for every cycle, by collecting information from various engine sensors. So, the ECU sends a command electrical signal of the correct duration and timing to the fuel injector coil. In that way opens the injector and allows petrol to pass through it into the engine.

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fuel injector

The one terminal of the injector coil is directly supplied by 12 volts which is controlled by the ECU, and the other terminal of the injector coil is open. When ECU determined the exact amount of fuel and when to inject it, activates the appropriate injector by switching the other terminal to the ground (mass, i.e. negative pole).

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