Foldable Drones for Rescue Operation that can passes through narrow gaps

New foldable drones invented by the University of Zurich that can enter through narrow spaces. This will be very helpful in rescue operations after an earthquake or during a fire.It can do exactly the kind of job that human rescuers would like drones to do for them.

This foldable drone could look for people trapped inside the place where we need rescue operation and guide the rescue team towards them. Drone should enter in a building through a crack in a wall, a window or through bars– something the typical size of a drone does not allow.

Therefore to solve this problem, researchers from the University of Zurich and the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL created this foldable drone. This robot is inspired by the birds that can fold their wings to enter in narrow space. This drone can take a desired shape to enter and then again take its normal shape. The main advantage of this is it can  even hold and transport objects along the way.

So Let us talk about the components it is made up of 

  • A quadrotor
  • Four propellers
  • Servo Motors
  • Control System
  • Camera

How it Works

A quadrotor with four propellers that can rotate independently, mounted on mobile arms that can fold around the mainframe which totally depends on servo motors. The most important part is a control system that adapts in real time to any new position of the arms, adjusting the propel or push of the propellers as the center of gravity shifts.

The Foldable drone can change different configurations according to what is required in the fieldThe standard configuration is X-shaped, with the four arms stretched out and the propellers at the widest possible distance from each other. the drone can switch to “H” shape when coming across with a narrow passage. It can fold itself to  “O” shape with all arms lined up along one axis. A “T” shape can be used to bring the onboard camera mounted on the central frame as close as possible to objects that the drone needs to inspect.


To all the victims of natural disasters.

Researchers are trying to further improve the drone structure so that it can fold in all three dimensions.

Source Credit: ailabRPG

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