Flying Car crashes during the High speed experiment at Willson Airport

Sanjay Dhall a mechanical engineer and founder of Flying car crashed during a high-speed test of flying car at 14 December 2018.

Picture Source Credit: Clean Technica

He itself riding this car and being a pilot injured badly and taken to the hospital. His condition is still under suspense. This accident happens at the Willow Run Airport (KYIP).

This accident is too serious that the front wing broke from the whole flying car. He was not trying to take off the car which is WD1. He was only testing a high-speed taxi test and only planning to lift the front two wheels from the  ground. Accidentally, the WD-1 became airborne and crashed very badly in seconds.

Sanjay was working on the project of flying cars. He worked for Detroit auto companies from 3 decades. He designed and owns the Detroit Fling Cars WD1.’Federal Aviation Administration gave Detroit Flying Cars the Special Airworthiness Certificate on July 19, 2018.

Key Features of WD1 is

  • It uses 100 HP internal combustion engine for the  flights
  • a 40 kW electric motor for land mobility.
  • It can reach 125 mph (~200 km/h and ~109 knots) with a range of 400 miles (644 kilometres, 348 nm).

He experienced two successful drives before with WD1. Flying car concept is his major achievements ever,watch his condition in the video below.

Source Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

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