Check Out The First Hydrostatic Twin-turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle In The World!

Sam Turner a motorcycle lover is a fan of these two-tier beasts since he was 8. Taught to weld, by his father at the age of 12 has been a gift for him and he has been builing things ever since. Sam’s recent creation allowed him to combine his knowledge as a diesel technician together with his fabrication skills and his passion for motorcycles into one build.


After researching the diesel electric system he realized the motors would cost a lot of money. He had to give up on the idea of a diesel electric but he still wanted the bike to be AWD. So Sam switched to a hydrostatic system where the wheel motors are turned via hydraulic fluid. This system would still give the motorcycle AWD but at a fraction of the cost of the diesel electric system. Each wheel turns via an Eaton 2000 series hydraulic hub motor connected to a Prince fixed displacement hydraulic gear pump. This gives the bike a top speed of 98 mph.

This diesel powered motorcycle is something that you could say is most definitely one of one in the entire world, making it that much cooler than it already is.

Because the hydrostatic drive required one side of the wheel to be used, Sam had to design a single-sided suspension. An air bag system would be easy to install and would allow the bike to sit on the ground without a kickstand. He built his own leveling system that allows him to adjust the pressure in the front and back. The two 2,500 lb Airmaxx air bags allow the bike to rise 12 inches. Due to the length of the bike (11’3″) Sam had to build a system to turn the bike. This was accomplished using double push-pull cables connected to the front spindle and the back of the bike where the pivot points for the handle bars would be.

Check out the many awesome custom touches that were put into making this build so insanely unique in the video below. We’re not sure what part is our favorite, what’s yours?

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