Faraday’s Law Of Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction states that “Whenever a current carrying conductor placed in a varying magnetic field and emf is induced which is called induced emf”. If conductor circuit is closed then a current also start to follow which is called induced current.

Magnetic field can be varied by various methods –
1. By moving magnet
2. By moving the coil
3. By rotating the coil relative to magnetic field

Faraday’s Law explains the relationship between the electric circuit and magnetic field. This law is the basic working principle of the most of theĀ electrical motors, generators, transformers, inductors etc.

Let us understand Faraday’s Law in brief-

If the wire is then wound into a coil, the magnetic field is greatly intensified producing a static magnetic field around itself forming the shape of a bar magnet giving a distinct North and South pole.

Faraday's Law

The magnetic flux developed around the coil being proportional to the amount of current flowing in the coils windings as shown. If additional layers of wire are wound upon the same coil with the same current flowing through them, the static magnetic field strength would be increased.

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