Difference Between Fan and Blower

A fan and a blower although having the same working principle and somewhat same functionality have some very stark differences in them.In this article, we will make a sincere attempt at making a clear distinction between the two and at the same time review some of its fundamentals.

Fans and blowers are technically both mechanical devices working for displacing air in the given area. However, a fan is used to distribute the air at larger and vague areas and a blower is used to concentrate the air flow to a particular area.

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The major difference that has to be understood while differentiating both is that a Fan is an electrical device whereas a Blower is a mechanical device to which a fan is attached. A blower cannot function without a fan attachment. The fan in case of the blower is the source of air which it redirects to a particular point or location.

Fan vs Blowers

Fans and blowers have wide utility, they are used almost everywhere, a car has both fan and blowers in it. A fan might be found in the AC condenser area of a car and a blower would be found acting as a source of cool air inside the car in form of AC duct. Fans displace a large amount of air over the large surface at a low pressure whereas a blower displaces a moderate amount of air towards a particular direction with a moderate amount of pressure.

In case of the fan, the ratio of pressure is below 1.1, whereas in case of a blower the ratio of pressure is between 1.1 and 1.2.


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