Extrusion Process : Working, Types, Application, Advantages and Disadvantages

Friction Extrusion:
It is one of the most complex extrusion processes that there is to date, In this method, the charge is pushed forcefully against the die in a relative rotary motion hence due to the friction heat is generated and no separate method for heating the material to recrystallization temperature is required.

Friction Extrusion

Friction Extrusion

Micro Extrusion:
This process is done at the submillimeter range. the material is pushed through a die and the end product is small enough to fit in a square of 1mm. It has many new systems developed since its inception and still has lots of scope for innovation and improvement.

Advantages :

  1. Objects with extremely complex cross sections can be mass produced
  2. Brittle and ductile  metals can also be used for crafting objects
  3. High mechanical properties and the original properties of the materials used can be retained using or by applying the correct technique.

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Disadvantages :

The initial cost of setup is high: Setting up an extruder generally requires a lot in terms of investments. It requires a proper setup in order to operate efficiently.

Power Hungry:
The plant and machinery used for extrusion operate at a very high compressive force and hence are very demanding in terms of power consumption and require the seamless power supply in order to be productive and operationally viable.

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