Dual clutch transmission and everything you need to know

Vehicles with dual- clutch transmission do not have the clutch pedal but it has automatic engagement and disengagement of the clutch. Such cars have basically two modes of drives to select and it is Drive mode and Sports mode. In these modes, the dual clutch transmission acts like a regular automation.

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In the Drive mode, the clutch transmission shifts to the higher gears.  This is basically done to decrease the engine noise and maximize the fuel efficiency. This mode is suitable for normal drives, at average speeds with applying nominal pressure at the pedal.

dual clutch transmission

The Sports Mode holds the lower gears with a motive to achieve more power. This mode is aggressive and exhibits less accelerator pedal pressure. This mode brings more power and aggression to the engine.

But some of the dual clutch transmission systems have manual transmission mode as well. This mode allows manual shifting with the help of the shift lever or paddles present on the steering wheel of the car.

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While driving in the manual mode, the clutch operates automatically and the main control is in the driver’s hand to select and change the gear. The driver will change the gear with respect to the increasing speed to have a smooth drive.

Benefits of Dual Clutch Transmission

The dual clutch transmission enables the driver both with the convenience of the manual and automatic transmission. This transmission system has the ability to perform with near- instantaneous gear shifts and this works as a major advantage over both manual and automatic transmission.


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