Dual clutch transmission and everything you need to know

The Dual clutch transmission or the twin clutch transmission is a type of automatic transmission. It consists of two different clutches, for both even and odd gear setup. In simple terms, one can describe it as the two separate manual transmissions with their individual clutches, all within a single housing.

Most people have the misconception that the cars come with only two type of transmission system. Namely manual and automatic, but the dual clutch transmission offers the best of both of them. The DST also famous as Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) helps to change the gear faster than any other gear transmission.

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The Dual Clutch Transmission is capable of delivering high power and also provides better control than traditional transmission systems. It gives better performance than automatic and manual transmissions. Volkswagen originally marketed the DSG in its vehicles.

Experiencing a car with Dual clutch transmission

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