Drilling Machine – Types & Working

A drilling machine is a tool which we use to cut something. Drilling machines consist of a cutting tool attachment, called the drill bit. This part is the core of a drilling machine, and it’s tip pierces the material and drills through it. There is a base which supports this drill bit and rotates it. So the fundamental process of drilling is rotating the drill bit while pressing it against a material. This results in cutting or piercing of the material.

A drilling machine can also be used to make large holes in comparatively softer materials.Using special drill bits one can make holes in glass.

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Drilling machine is classified depending upon its mechanism and its applications

1.Drill/Rotary Drill: This is a general hand-held electric drill machine, having a normal drill chuck. It is used for drilling in wood, metal and plastics. also used for screw driving.

drilling machine

2.Impact Drill/Percussion Drill: 

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