How to turn your table fan into an air conditioner

air conditioner

Innovation is the mother of interesting inventions. The statement is fascinating when it comes to inventing working prototypes to replace the existing gadgets. Use of normal household items and assembling it according to the scientific facts and principles can bring good results. The featuring video in this article explains well in making an air conditioner at home in less than $30.

Through this article, we will guide you the needful and let you explore the engineer within you. Summers are approaching and it is the best way to beat the upcoming heat. All you have to do is to collect the necessary items and follow the below-given steps to make a homemade air conditioner prototype. You can also implement the design as per your requirements. So without wasting further time let us go through the procedure.

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Items to make your own air conditioner at home in less than $30

A six-inch sizing blade, portable fan (AC/DC power source with ON/OFF switch)

Electronic thermometer to check the drop of temperature in the room

Two number of buckets (The liner one should fit the bucket with less tolerance)

Hole saw Drill

PVC pipe with internal diameter 1.5” (cut it into three equal pieces)

Hole drill bit for the bucket sizing 2(1/4)”

Hole drill bit for the liner sizing 2(1/8)”

Reusable Ice Pack or simply ice/ cold water jug

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