The best tutorial- Find out how differential gear works

Design principle of Differential Gear

The structural design of the differential is similar to the principle of the sun and planetary gears. The pinion gear is within the casing and is free to rotate. The wheels of the car are in conjunction with the pinion gears and it sends the drive through the carrier, which rotates while the car is in motion.

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While moving on the straight road, the planetary gears within the casing are stationary. The gears themselves experience the radial movement within the carrier they are in conjunction with. The gears begin to rotate in their individual axis while moving in corners while moving around within the differential carrier.

Role of Differential Gear

Differential gears provide the essential drive to car wheels.

The differential acts as a final gear reduction in the vehicle and tends to slow down the rotational speed of the transmission.

It successfully transmits power to the wheels at variable speeds

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When do you need Differential Gears

The car wheels have a tendency to spin at different speeds, especially while turning. The inner and the outer wheel rotate at different speeds while turning. The differential gears tend to compensate the difference in the distance of the inner and outer wheel travel as your car goes round the corner. It prevents skidding of the car, balances at and helps in avoiding accidents.

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