Differential Gear & It’s Working

The differential gear is an integral part of all four wheelers. This technology was invented years ago and is termed as one of the most indigenous technologies human brains could ever create. Differential gears are an arrangement of spur gears in an automobile of more than two wheels so that it allows the two wheel on the so-called same axle to revolve at different speeds. Say while turning the outer wheel, i.e away from the centre of the turning needs to revolve more ( simple relation of arc = radius * angle ).

differential gear

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The main function of the differential gear is to allow the drive wheels to turn at different RPMs while both receiving power from the engine. The differential has three jobs:

To aim the engine power at the wheels

To act as the final gear reduction in the vehicle, slowing the rotational speed of the transmission one final time before it hits the wheels.

To transmit the power to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds (This is the one that earned the differential its name.)

Why use Differential Gears-


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