Difference Between Generator and Motor

Generator and Motor are two different devices with different applications. A generator is a wider term used to define a machine which produces electricity. We will be focusing on the function of a particular element of a power generator called the alternator.



In fact its the alternator which does the work of producing electricity. On the other hand, a motor is a device which is used for pumping water. However, a motor can be used for many other uses and applications.


Just for sake of taking note, let’s be clear once again that the term “generator” is a wider term and for the context of the current article it is actually the functioning of an alternator that we are referring to when we use the term “Generator”.
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Also to be noted before we go on to understand the difference between a generator and a motor is the fact that motors and generators are available in both AC/DC variants. We would be keeping this fact in mind while continuing with the article.

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