What is the difference between earthing and grounding?

We have heard these terms earthing and grounding so many times since childhood, and generally by our local friendly electrician who would be called at home to check on the fault. These two terms also used interchangeably at times have completely different working modes and purpose. Today we will be checking out the major differences between the two.

1. Earthing refers to connecting the non-functional parts of an electrical device to the ground i.e. the parts where there is no actual electricity is being passed whereas grounding refers to the process of connecting live parts of a device to the ground or earth.

earthing, grounding

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2. Earthing is done to provide a level of protection to the humans and animals in case they come in contact with a part of device which when faulty can create a potential difference between the device and ground hence leading to a fatal shock to the creature, whereas grounding is done to protect the delicate circuits and systems of a device from sudden faults that may damage them.

earthing, grounding

3. Earthing as discussed is a protective measure for safeguarding lives at times we would observe all tall buildings equipped with a lightning rod that acts as an earthing measure for the entire building hence protecting the building and inhabitants from huge electrical energy generated from thunderbolts whereas grounding may or may not be directly connected to earth. In some cases, grounding is done by connecting the device to a transformer neutral also.


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