Difference Between PVC & CPVC

Let us understand the difference between PVC and CPVC simply by contrast concerning usage, attributes.

These pipes are largely used for drainage and plumbing. It’s a better choice than alloy pipes. And with these attributes, it’s used worldwide. Since PVC is a thermoplastic material and it’s moulded for various products such as fittings, pipes, fittings and other materials.

The following is CPVC. Both the PVC and CPVC have shared essential substances with a single also skill. In the procedure CPVC there’s totally free radical chlorination response which raises the chlorine content of this substance. CPVC can be also a thermoplastic which can be moulded into products such as PVC.

Together with the shift in fabricating, CPVC is used to take care of various temperature ranges. And this is why why CPVC is popular for warm water lines compared to the PVC.

In accordance with the ASTM criteria, PVC can be utilized to applications around 140 degrees F. and following 140-degree F that the joints are somewhat poorer and the substance also starts milder. The CPVC stay unchanged around 200-degrees F.


Additionally, there are other differences between those substances.

As the aluminum tube sizing differs from nominal pipe size and since the exact same title it’s same used for aluminum tube pipe.

It’s advised to check the at which it can use and what’s sizing system you are using. You’re able to distinguish it by color. The CTS CPVC is in bright yellowish color and schedule 80 CPVC (NPS) is in light gray color.

Largely PVC pipes have come in black or white gray and for the data check the info about the pipe.

Because there’s a shift in the production of PVC and CPVC, the solvent used to join fittings and pipe can also be distinct.

Where PVC and CPVC are used?

As mentioned previously CPVC are used for warm water program as much as 200-degree F. PVC can be used for cold or heated water and also for port and drainage systems. Even though CPVC is used for both sexy and cold-water program.

CPVC is popular for both industrial and commercial purposes. It’s various software and is somewhat pricier than PVC. And it is cost-effective.

CPVC is acceptable for application with water temperature higher than 140-degree F but more than 200-degree F.

Examine the chemical compatibility chart before applying for your program.

Is PVC and CPVC Can Use Together?

Each of the NPS size fittings and pipe can match but it isn’t appropriate to use both together. The mixing of substances can harm the total fitting. It’s essential that a pressurized pipe system will assemble with single piping fittings and material.

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