How Much Current Can The Human Body Withstand?

Human body is a good conductor of electricity. When it comes to an electric shock, we all have at least one bad experience with it in our lifetime. We have heard about many incidents where a person gets electrocuted at a workplace or gets an electric shock through their household appliances.

But why is it that some people don’t get affected by an electric shock whereas others end up with being fatal? The answer is the amount of electric current that passes through their bodies.

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We often see a ‘danger’ or ‘no trespassing’ symbol around generators and electric boards. These symbols warn us not to touch that equipment as they constantly work at high voltages. But do voltages really affect us or there is some other culprit?

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Most of us aren’t aware of the fact that voltage doesn’t really affect us. It is the current that is forced through our body that affects us. That’s why birds sitting on electric wires aren’t electrocuted. When there is a potential difference created in a conductor, then current flows from the higher potential end to the lower potential end. This is the reason why birds don’t get electrocuted as they are at the same potential on both ends of the body as the wire.Hanging on the wire at high potential and touching the ground which is at a zero potential, creates potential difference and it renders the flow of current from higher potential to lower potential. Thus, forcing huge current to flow through us.

So in short, humans can withstand any amount of voltage until and unless they are not creating a potential difference in their body. Now, how much current can a human body withstand?

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