What is Cooling Tower? What are main Types of Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower as the name suggests is a device which releases excess heat from a system into the atmosphere. Cooling tower technology finds its utility in large-scale economical cooling solutions. Its also is the number one choice where work efficient long-term cooling solution is desired.


Cooling tower utilises cooling a stream of water which is at the higher temperature to a lower temperature in order to gain the required or desired cooling effect.Commonly cooling towers reach their objectives by either cooling the working fluid to near wet bulb temperature using evaporation or in case of closed circuit cooling towers the mechanism cools the working fluid to dry bulb temperature using air solely as the cooling medium.


Size of the cooling tower can vary from a small rooftop unit to huge hyperboloid units as used in nuclear power stations. However, in the real and practical sense, we seldom see such huge sized cooling towers and mostly small-sized cooling towers are common in use for discharging heat generated by air conditioning systems.

cooling tower

Cooling towers find wide applicability in petrochemical applications, HVAC, chemical plants and thermal power stations.

Types Of Cooling Towers-

Broadly the cooling towers are classified according to the type of air induction utilised and are classified as a natural draft and induced draft cooling towers.

Types Of Cooling Towers On The Basis Of Heat Transfer methods used-


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