What is a computer memory? Types of computer memory?

Computer memory is not only used to store your movies and music but it is also used to store the instructions and data. It is a storage space that allows the data to process and stores instructions to perform those processes. Memory is further divided into smaller units called cells. Each cell has a unique address which ranges from zero to memory size minus one.  The computer works on binary codes to represent the information.  Computer storage can be divided into three memory, namely primary, secondary and cache memory.

computer memory

Let us look at each memory in brief.

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Primary memory or main memory –

The main memory stores the instructions and the data that are used currently for processing. It has a limited capacity of storing the data and the data is lost as the system is turned off. It is manufactured by semiconductors and integrated electronic circuits. Primary memory is further divided into two categories:

-Random Access Memory (RAM)-

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