What Is A CNC Machine ? How Does It Work ? Its Merits and Drawbacks

Computer Numerical Control- CNC machine revolutionized the manufacturing industry a couple of decades back. This technology brought accuracy, precision, and efficiency. When humans make something, it is almost impossible for them to make it exactly the same every time. But machines can do this.It means the computer can convert the design that is produced by a Computer Aided Design application into numbers. These numbers are actually coordination of a graph and they are capable of controlling the movement of CNC cutters. In this way, the computer can control the cutting and shaping of the materials. Also, the machines can very easily follow the instructions regarding the measurements. Unlike humans, they do not get tired so that they can work all day.

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Working Of CNC Machine-

How the CNC Works

Everything that is run by an operator for running the conventional CNC Plasma cutting machine tools is run by the usage of CNC controls. Once the machine is set up for running, running the machine is quite a simple work. In fact, the operator has to perform little less work as the device is automated. The operators are required to do other things with these CNC operations like making adjustments, measuring metal sheets etc.

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The Motion Control

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Every CNC machine has two or more than two programmable directions of motion that are known as Axis. The axis of motion can be linear or rotary. Linear means straight line and rotary means circular path. The complexity of these machines depends upon the axis. Speaking generally, how many axis the machine has makes it clear if the machine is simple or complex. These axis are required for causing motions that is necessary for starting the manufacturing process.

The Programmable Accessories-


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