China Is Building a Rain-Making System Three Times as Big as Spain

Our friendly neighbor China is working on developing a large-scale weather changing project or a system that would ensure a consistent rain supply for there people. This system is will be made from an array of solid fuel burning chamber that would produce silver iodide, which is actually a compound with a structure much like ice and can be used for cloud seeding efficiently.


Once fully developed the system would have the capacity to increase rainfall in the region by up to 10 billion cubic meters a year. Many small burning chambers are scheduled to be installed across the Tibetan Plateau in an attempt to increase rainfall in an area which is at least three times as bigger than Spain. This project would be the world’s biggest single weather changing project.

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The entire system will depend upon on small low-tech chambers which burn solid fuel that produces silver iodide. The working mechanism is also simple you see as the wind will sweep up the mountain, the particles will be swept up into the air from where they would form rain clouds. This system has been developed by China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The burning chambers had to be designed very efficiently by space scientists who were to address a unique challenge of efficiently burning the high-density solid fuel in the oxygen-scarce environment at a high altitude.

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