Check your plugs!

If you detect performance problems like slow pickup or poor gas mileage, check your spark plugs as a possible cause. Replace them if you find evidence of damage to the insulator (body near the head) and the electrode (metal points that form the “gap”)

Engine Problems Caused by Defective Plugs
· Starting defect
· Misfiring when idling
· Misfiring during normal running
· Misfiring only when running at high speed or when accelerating suddenly
· Loss of power when running at high speed or under high load Piston breakdown
· Trouble other than with the engine
How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs?
Determining how often to change a spark plug on a vehicle involves several factors. Checking the owner’s manual will reveal the recommended plug change interval. Driving conditions and overall mechanical shape will impact recommended spark plug service, too.


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