What is Centrifugal Compressor and How does it Work?

Centrifugal compressor is the mechanical device also known as a dynamic compressor or simply a turbo compressor. This typical air compressing device constitutes of a radial design. The design of these compressors is such that it works at a constant pressure but still, there can be a change in the performance with respect to the external changes like temperature.

You can easily find these devices in various industries like the food and beverage industry, oil refinery, refrigeration, air-conditioning etc.

The centrifugal compressor achieves a rise in pressure by adding significant velocity to the continuous flow of the fluid through the impeller. In this device the energy transfers from the sets of rotating blades to the working fluid (Air). It gets the designation of centrifugal as the gas flows in the radial direction.

In result, the energy transfer is due to the change in the centrifugal forces acting on the gas.  They have high flow capacity, good reliability and require less maintenance in comparison to reciprocating compressors.

Important components of Centrifugal compressor

Centrifugal compressor or the radial compressor consists of mainly three parts

  • Stationary casing
  • Rotating Impeller
  • Diffuser

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