How does carburetor in main fuel system work?

Working of the Carburetor

Here is the summary of how a carburetor works

The air flows into the carburetor from the vehicles air intake valve.

When we start the car’s engine, as a result, the choke blocks the top pipe to reduce the amount of incoming air. This is done to increase the fuel content in the air-fuel mixture which enters the cylinder.

Here is a venturi, which is basically a narrow kink. The venturi forces the air flow and in result reduces the pressure.

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The reducing air pressure creates suction on the fuel pipe and as a result, it draws fuel in the pipe.

Now throttle valve spins to open or close the pipe allowing the fuel mixture to pass. When the valve opens it allows more air-fuel mixture to flow in the cylinders and in return the engine produces more power and makes the care to rub faster.

In the following situation, the air-fuel mixture flows down to the cylinder.

The float-feed chamber supplies fuel from the fuel tank in the correct ratio.

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During this process when the fuel level drops, the float chamber falls. This results in the opening of the valve from the top.

Now on the opening of the valve more fuel flows from the fuel tank in result it raises the float and again closes the valve.

While we drive the car, this whole process works continuously and drives the engine.

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