Breakthrough HIV Vaccine Set to Start Human Trials in 2019

One of the curious things that were observed is the fact that almost 50% of people living with HIV develop these antibodies but after a few years of being infected. This long duration is enough for the virus to get a stronghold of the body and convert into full-blown AIDS. Hence making those antibodies quiet useless. The recent research, however, is based on the premise that if this immune response can be set in as soon as the exposure to the virus happens then there would be no chance of the virus surviving in the body let alone mutate in too many different strains.

Owing to the immense levels of research that has already been conducted on the HIV, the scientists know a lot more about the structure and function of the virus than ever before. Using this information and knowledge they were able to map the areas in the HIV virus structure where various antibodies attach themselves. This has led them to know exactly where the virus will be weakest and how the antibodies can make use of this vulnerability.

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Almost every developed nation of the world including India is working hard to develop an HIV vaccine to deal with this curse on mankind. If the human trials are successful then this would mean saving lives of billions of people worldwide. The scientists globally are now working with non-infected humans in an attempt to develop these antibodies in them so that the same can be used with those infected.

This vaccine has been able to drastically kill the infected cells in the animal body too. So it might become a cure for the existing patients too. Anyways the real fight in the management of HIV or for that matter any viral infection is to keep the virus levels to a safe minimum in the human body. By safe minimum, it is implied that the viral load in the body is so low that it cannot pose any threat to the being.

However one cannot ignore the fact that Virus is contagious and spread. So even if we keep the viral loads in a body to bare minimum still chances of the infected person passing on and spreading the virus is pretty serious. Hence having an HIV vaccine is the best bet of humanity to fight off this menace. We sincerely hope that the human trails are a successful one. Its crucial for the current generation and the generations to come. 

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