Breakthrough HIV Vaccine Set to Start Human Trials in 2019

HIV is a name synonymous with a dreaded disease called AIDS. HIV AIDS is really a plague on mankind. The disease has no cure till date and only management of the condition extends the life of the patient. However, there is some promising and optimistic news on this menace. News has come from the scientific community that a breakthrough HIV Vaccine is all set for human trials in 2019.

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This welcome news has come to us from an able team of scientists at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Their Vaccine targets the HIV 1 fusion peptide, this peptide is essential for the virus to enter into the host’s body. Initial trials with lab animals have been quite fruitful and soon this vaccine will see some human trials.

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Truth be told this path-breaking observation was made by scientists and researchers while studying a patient who has lived for years with HIV and developed a broad spectrum of antibodies which were killing the fusion peptide in question. As one thing leads to another, the researchers were quick to find out what needs to be done in order to replicate this phenomenon on a wider scale.

The scientists then went back to basics and did some extensive study on the design and structure of the VIRUS. They were quick to find a design vulnerability in the structure of the virus. Armed with this knowledge the vaccine was created and soon the lab trails started which turned out to be successful.

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