What is brushless DC motor and how is it different from normal DC motor?

In this configuration, the radial relationship between the coil and the magnet is reversed. The center core of the BLDC motor is made up of the stator coils and magnets spin with an overhanging rotor surrounding the core. This configuration, in general, has more poles, therefore they are set up in triplets to maintain the 3 core windings. Hence they produce high torque at low rpm’s.

Electric Winding Configurations:

Brushless or BLDC motors have two types of electric winding configurations:

Delta Configuration:

BLDC, motor, Brushless, DC motor

In this configuration, the three windings are connected in series and in a triangular circuit and the power is applied to each of the connections.

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Wye Configuration:

This configuration is also known as a star winding. Here the windings are centrally connected in parallel circuits and power is supplied to the remaining end of each winding.

BLDC, motor, Brushless, DC motor

One point to be noted here is that a motor having delta configuration of the winding will give low torque at low speeds and will have higher top speed, whereas a motor having wye configuration will give high torque at low speeds but will have a low top end speed.

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