What Is Black Box And How Does It Work ?

We have often heard the term ‘black box’ while watching episodes of Air Crash Investigation on NatGeo or Discovery Channel. After an air crash, the officials tend to search for the Black Box in the remains of the crash. So why is there a need to searching a black box? What does it contain?

A Black Box consists of two components – a flight data recorder (FDR) and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR).

There is another important device in the black box- the Flight Data acquisition unit (FDAU). This device is found in the cockpit. This unit intakes information from all the sensors and sends to FDR and CVR.

black box

FDR records all the measurement and functions of the plane that occurs during the flight like speed, altitude, heading and other important information. In addition, because of advancement in the FDR technology, the recorders also record the experience of turbulence – a small change in the flight pattern and wing flap movement. These data help to create the realistic crash simulation.

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