Which has better fuel economy: manual or automatic?

You often get into the dilemma of buying a right vehicle that doesn’t break your banks over the years. The primary thing we look at while buying a new car is its fuel economy. The cost of fuel is one of the expenses that you can’t control while owning a car. So, it makes you to choose your car wisely so that it can save your hard-earned money. Generally, a car is available in manual and automatic transmission. Whenever, a buyer looks for a car the first question that pops up in his/her mind is which variant in the car has a better fuel economy, manual or automatic?

Hereby, you will get the answer to this question. Well, the manual transmission tends to save more fuel as compared to the automatic transmission system. However, today’s automatic transmissions are more fuel efficient because of the improved automatic transmission technology. The automatic transmission system has started using continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

fuel economy

The working of CVTs is quite different from the previous automatic transmission systems, though both the systems provide the same operation for a driver. Unlike, the manual and automatic transmission systems that run on fixed gear ratios, CVTs can have variable gear ratios; hence it performs better in fuel economy as compared to the manual or automatic transmission systems.

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Moreover, a traditional automatic system works more efficiently than a manual system. This is due to the fact that they have more number of gears that move the car forward than manual transmission system. Therefore, with those extra gears, the engine works at lower speed and delivers high power.

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