What are some of the best life tips – Not those dumb tips

We often realise few things after only it’s too late! Sadly not everywhere we get these advices.

Apart from all the crap out there, check out these best life advices!

-Never fuck your colleague.
-Boss is always right.
-Don’t skip FOREPLAY.
-Read everything except sex stories.
-Avoid paying through credit cards.

-Spend time with nature.
-Go on a solo trip.
-Make eye contact.
-Watch the sunrise and sunset.
-Ask questions.

-Be a good listener.
-Work on your posture.
-Lift weights.
-Always do shopping at the end of the month.
-Sleep on time.

-Wake up early.
-Spend some time with family.
-Book flight tickets in incognito mode.
-Avoid hating people.
-Learn to forgive.

-Say “Thank you” often.
-Say “Sorry” whenever you’re at fault.
-Respect everyone.I repeat “Everyone”.
-Write “Love Letters”.
-Sell your TV on OLX and subscribe to NETFLIX.

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