Belt Drive and its Types

Light Drives:
Used in agriculture machines and small machines. The belt speed generally remains in the range of 10 m/sec. Perfect for applications where small power transfer is required.

Medium Drives:
Used in industrial and semi-industrial applications the power delivery in this set up is of medium range. Highly utilized in machining and similar applications the belt speed in this type of setup ranges from 10 m/sec to 22m/sec.

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Large Drives:
As the name suggests these are big belt drives used for heavy power delivery. It finds wide application in processes where high transmission power is required. The belt speed in this format of the belt drive is in excess of 22 m/sec. It finds application in running of compressors and similar large machinery.

Belt Drives according to the arrangement of belt :

Open Belt Drive:

Open belt drive

Open belt drive

In this type of belt drive, the assembly of shafts is parallel and rotates in the same direction. The size of the shaft varies and has a large shaft connected to a small shaft. The power is transmitted from the larger shaft to the smaller shaft, the lower side is known as the tighter side.


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